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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Marco explaining xrays to a chiropractic patient. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, we will take a few minutes to explain what chiropractic is using a nerve chart.

The chart will show you the signals that come from your brain, down your back and out your nerves, which go to every organ, cell and tissue in your body.

When the nervous system is healthy, you can experience many benefits such as more energy, better function, improved performance and more.

Why Nerve Health Is Vital

Nerves that function and flow freely are essential to all human life. Let’s say the nerve to your heart got pinched. The result would be an unhealthy heart. If you came into the practice with low back pain, imagine if Dr. Marco pinched the nerves that go down into your back. The result would be low back pain.

When you come in for your appointment, he will take a look at your spine to see where the nerves are pinched. Once he locates the area, he will let you know what we can do to help you. Dr. Marco primarily uses the Gonstead and Pettibon techniques for adjusting.

The New Patient Journey

Those patients seeking pain relief would typically come in three times a week for a three-month plan. You would see us three times a week for a month, then twice a week for a month and then once a week for a month. From there we typically would have you come in weekly for the rest of the year. This is a general schedule.

Infants and children would be seen less. Patients who have a severe case would come in three times a week for the first three months, then typically once a week for the rest of the year. Teens would typically be on a wellness plan, which could mean coming in once a week or once a month.


Addressing Any Concerns

Those who are new to chiropractic may have some anxiety due to what they may have heard or read about this type of natural care. Some may be concerned about the cracking sound. Dr. Marco will be happy to address your concerns and will put you at ease. If you’d rather not hear a sound during the adjustment, he can provide gentle and quiet adjustments using drop pieces. You will be walked through the entire process so you feel completely relaxed.

We also can provide light adjustments using a tool called the ArthroStim®, which is an electronic machine that has different settings. The instrument is so gentle that Dr. Marco can tone it down to adjust infants with. If you’re okay with a higher level, we can ramp it up to whatever you’re comfortable with.

Additional Therapies

Healthy Beginnings Chiropractic warm up room. To give our patients a broad spectrum of services, we offer the following therapies:

  • Orthotics — We can identify any abnormal foot and gait patterns and determine if there are any abnormalities in the ankles or knees that may benefit from orthotics. For those cases that don’t respond to orthotics, we have a digital foot scanner that we have patients walk across.
  • Knee braces — If you have bad knees, arthritis in the knees or degenerative ones, we can make custom knee braces that will allow you to delay knee surgery or even stop it in its tracks.
  • Nutritional consults — We provide customized plans that take a functional medicine approach. If you’re doing a yearlong chiropractic plan, Dr. Marco will include a mini nutrition consult with it. He will provide you with an outline of how to eat properly and will make recommendations on things to try. Once you’ve taken his recommendations, you’ll schedule a follow-up appointment with him.

If you would like recommendations for a specific condition that you want to work on such as an adrenal, hormonal or heart issue, there would be a separate fee for that service. Dr. Marco can provide recommendations about how to eat properly and what supplements to take to target the system that’s weak. He may recommend adding massage and acupuncture to your care.

We invite you to get on the path to optimal health and wellness. Book an appointment today!

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